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Each masterpiece - big or small requires a good preparation from its creator. Used tools are very meaningful here. One of them is knowledge, do not attempt to make a step forward without it.

From the beginning of 1997 we serve you creating brands, watching over their lives, promoting them and directing straight to your customers. We provide you with a full service, quite often starting from the website design which is sometimes a good way of creating a method for your new company image.

Our task is to transmit full information using the best graphic composition.
A combination of your vision and our experience guarantees a result that you will be proud of. We are dedicated to offer solution that will help you to make a great profit - convince your client even more that he wants to do business with you..

Our promises:

  • Full service-from market research through the design to the production.
  • Best graphics designwith a Dean of Faculty of Industrial Design, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow recommendation.
  • Quick reactionof our team for every single request and urgent demand.
  • Professional team-for us job is our passion.

By years of practice and market knowledge we have founded a few general rules about our work:

  1. There are no "small" projects, everything is the most important.
  2. There must me an element of art in every design we create.
  3. There are no impossible tasks - everything is at our reach.
  4. Clients give us a mission - we accomplish it solving all problems related.


The urge of development and creation is a human nature. We design things to restrain world. Some of them are born to surprise you with their originality others become the tools which should make your life easier. We work very hard for joining these features in one quality in every single project we make.

Two dimensional environment we are working with gives us lots of possibilities of the transmittion (colour, typography, photography etc.) Proper use of these elements is quite a creative job which leads to breaking through new routes and even establishing new limits. When we receive our mission first we do a research - carefully and methodicaly. We watch competition solutions and development, we select materials. Using this base we create a unique style having their own designs. We do not work on many projects at the same time so your demand will be priorative for us. We can guarantee you our full dedication and availability.

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