We develop integrated marketing concepts and PR strategies, dealing with building the image of the product and brand. We design logos and other elements of visual identification that form the basis of the company's strong position.


We create websites based on our own CMS ranging from simple, image ones to complex business platforms. Additionally we run social media channels building relationships with potential clients.


We provide comprehensive event service, both in terms of organization (renting rooms, hotels, acquiring sponsors, promotion) and design (organizing an attraction scenario, event identification design, production of graphic design elements).


We transform a thought into a picture. The success in our industry is the skillful transfer of information, with an element of aesthetics and beauty. We design things to organize the world. Some are created to surprise with their uniqueness bringing the new artistic values, others become tools aimed at making life easier.


Our task is to provide full information using the best graphic composition. The Great Work, or even the smallest one, always requires appropriate preparation from the creator. Tools are important here. One of them is knowledge, without which you should not take the first move - that's why we conduct the analysis of needs before stepping into the action.


The wide range of our design and production possibilities includes the comprehensive creation of catalogs, brochures, albums, books, magazines as well as posters, calendars, forms, postcards and many other printed items of various purposes.

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